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Expert Underpinning in Melbourne

How do you know if you need us?

The following indicators are a good guide to when you need to call us:

  • Movement of the building resulting in uneven floors/walls
  • Doors and/or windows not opening or ‘sticking’ in their frames
  • Cracks in external OR internal walls
  • Cracks in concrete slabs
  • If you are adding a second floor to a single storey home

With our equipment range and experience, we are able to offer both conventional and screw piled underpinning at competitive prices. Both internal and external underpinning can be achieved.

Conventional Underpins: (A simple overview)

The trade of Underpinning is over 100 years old and has been used over that time to rectify foundations that have been affected by:

  • Varying or changed soil conditions
  • Undermining by adjoining buildings – or possible undermining by new adjoining buildings
  • Failure of foundation materials
  • Time, decay and weather
  • Bad design

Conventional underpinning involves digging an access hole next to the failed foundations of your building.  We then dig out and extend the failed foundation/s to the required depth and realign the foundation/s to ensure the stability of the building.

Screw piled Underpins:

Screw piled underpins are used in areas that have varying soil profiles. The process is usually engineered for individual sites and conditions.

We dig a shallow underpin and install a screw pile in the base of the underpin to the Engineer’s nominated depths. This method is used to achieve deeper founding depths (usually 2.5m to 10m). The pile is installed to engineered specifications and then the underpin and the screw pile are poured with concrete to form a stable foundation.

Screwpiled underpinning is the preferred method for deeper founding depths because it is more cost effective, more efficient with regard to materials and time, and, most importantly – safer for our staff and your property! Harman contracting are your local Screw Piled Underpin experts.

Stress free projects:

At Harman Contracting we can take care of any job that involves your home’s foundations from start to finish, so there are no unnecessary headaches for you as the homeowner.

We organise the whole job, which involves:

  • Obtaining a soil test by a Geotechnical Engineer
  • Obtaining the Structural Engineering plans
  • Permits – Both local council and Building Surveyor
  • Necessary insurance for the project (Home Owners Warranty from HIA)
  • Complete the works allowing for site specific requirements (e.g. Site Inspections, concrete pours etc.)
  • All reinstated works and site cleanup – to ensure your property looks as it did when we arrived

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