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About Us

  • Harman Contracting Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • Harman Contracting offers over 27 years experience.
  • We are fully OH and S compliant.
  • We are fully insured and offer a 12 year guarantee on all works undertaken.
  • We offer an engineered screw pile design service.
  • We specialise in both commercial and residential underpinning.
  • We were the first in Melbourne to offer screwpiled underpinning, and as such are the industry leader in screwpiled underpinning.
  • We are experts in ALL areas of foundation support and strengthening and offer a wide range of solutions to difficult site conditions and load requirements.
  • We have a large fleet of equipment for a variety of sites.
  • We can provide conventional underpins both internally and externally in spaces as small as 500mm.
  • We can provide screw piled and micro piled underpins both internally and externally in spaces as small as 800mm.
  • We are industry leaders in footing repair and realignment. 
  • We strive to complete it each job efficiently and on time.
  • We cover both metropolitan and country jobs.
  • We can offer a solution for any problem you may have below ground level.
  • We offer an award winning and cutting edge basement living solution as an alternative to extensions above your existing home or office.

What we do